Stripes Painting 04

Stripes Painting 04

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All of these paintings are handmade by me in my studio outside of Chicago, IL. I use acrylic paints on boards, and layer colors until I love the combination of colors.

Hard to see, but there is some paintbrush texture in each painting, and usually a little surprise color peeking through on each painting. I like to play with layering different shades of each color, so there is depth to each and every painting.

Hanging: I have attached a small metal hook onto the back of these small paintings. If you prefer to hang them with 3M type sticky things, let me know and I will pry off the hook and include the 3M sticky thingies. This will help the painting from tipping up or down as all artworks on the wall tend to do from time to time. :)

This painting measures 17" x 5.5"